Bahar Enclosure offers a wide range of standard enclosures but we also provide different customization services to meet the individual requirements and needs of each customer.

Ask for the quote by sending us the technical drawing of the changes needed. Alternatively, you can also use our 3D (stp. and dwg.) files, available for each product to mark your modifications.

We will gladly assist you in preparing the specific modifications, such as:

  • Printing

    UV printing . Screening printing . Laser printing

    Impress your customers with vibrant graphics, logo or texts printed on your favourite product.

    You can choose from UV , Screening and Laser printing. We print onto plastic and metal in single or many colours.

    Give your basic enclosure an outstanding look with the custom printing. Resign from applying adhesive labels and give your product a personal touch.

  • Machining

    CNC & Laser Cutting for Plastics & Metal Enclosures

    Modify our standard plastic and metallic enclosures by drilling the holes or adding the cut-outs.

    If you want to check the changes before the bulk order, simply order the customized sample first.

    Use our 3D file or send us your own technical drawing to present your modifications.

  • Mould Making

    Dedicated For Unique Projects

    If modifying a standard product is not sufficient due to unique characteristics of your project, creation of the mould is necessary.

    We have a long-lasting experience in mould making. We will gladly support the tooling according to customer’s drawings and specifications.

    Mould creation is a good idea when you are planning to produce many enclosures basing on a specific design.

  • Product Design

    Turn the Ideas Into Reality

    With our high-quality machinery and experienced staff we are able to create the perfect product.

    We will gladly help you to create your dream design basing on the specific requirements.

    We can also provide a design consulting for customers who require help in choosing the practical and nice solutions.

  • Colour Change

    Full RAL Colour Range

    For a MOQ the colour of all standard housings from our collection can be customized according to your preferences.

    You can freely choose among different RAL colours to choose a favourite one and use it for your customized design.

    We offer a full range of finishing options including spray and wet painting.

  • Material Change

    Improve Longevity and Feasibility of your Enclosure

    Choosing the right material is more than aesthetic. Those who are making their own product will need to ensure a high-quality enclosure to tolerate a customer’s use.

    Material choices greatly impact the longevity and feasibility of your project. If you need to improve your enclosure by changing characteristics, such as: flame retardance or IP rating – it is no problem anymore.

    With a MOQ we can provide you a consulting to find the best material according to your needs.